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The multicultural environment has left good memories to Martín BECERRIL throughout his professional background training. His first experience began at the International Summit of Biarritz,« Convention Europe-Latin America » in 2003.

Later, he did an internship in translation at the plant « Valeo Climate Control » in Toluca, State of Mexico, in 2004. He was in the department of international communication in the field of automotive industry.

Later in 2005, he began his career as university professor in the Faculty of Languages of Toluca, Mexico. Later, he has mutated to the University of Guadalajara in Jalisco, Mexico.

Then in 2008, he came to the University Lumière Lyon 2 as a visiting Lecturer of Spanish.

In this institution, he enrolled also for the Master of new technologies for teaching foreign languages. This training allowed him to discover the tools to develop multimedia educational ressources.

Because of his passion for TIC, He did a special training in multilingual information systems, computational linguistics and translation at the National School of Information Sciences. (ENSSIB).

Assets: good use of IT tools, good command of the language levels, his linguistic and multicultural curiosities.
Interests: reading and writing, improv theater, music and dance, cooking and sport.
Values??: discipline and objectiveness.

Words and letters must turn around to know them.


Everything depends on the context

We answer quickly and well to all your needs in general and technical translation..

SEO The visibility of your website on international search engines.

Languages: spanish french, german, english

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Text fFormat: .TXT, .TTX, .XML, .HTML, .SRT, .XLSX, .PHP, .CSV, .JS, etc.

Front & Back End: Workflow & translation for multilingual systems.

Education and Training

French National School of Information Science and libraries.
Professional translators’ union in France. (SFT)
Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México.
High School in Mexico.



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